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Sneaking Christmas, Week 2

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sneaking Christmas? What's that?
If you missed the first week, click here ---> Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ok, now that you've been brought up to speed, welcome to the second week of Sneaking Christmas! We have had one crazy weekend, so this is coming a bit late... this is our Friday series, and here it is Monday. Oops! Last week, I was listening to a Christmas cd, and now as I write this today, I'm watching a Christmas movie. I didn't plan it, I promise! I just LOVE Christmas! My wonderful hubby made his way to Wisconsin last week to get some of our things out of storage, and surprised me with one of my favorite Christmas decorations! Little does he know, it went up somewhere in our house today! hehehehe

Isn't it cool? I just love it. What did you do to sneak a little Christmas into YOUR home since last time? Feel free to share pictures on our facebook page, or comment below! Until next time...

2 Responses to “Sneaking Christmas, Week 2 ”

  1. Shandy, I am trying to not have anything Christmas in the house until after Thanksgiving. I want the boys to know that November is a month to focus on gratefulness and thankfulness, and that after that we can focus on Christmas. But today, I have to admit, while I was catching up on laundry I lit a balsam scented candle. The house smelled like Christmas and I loved it. Now I am burning cinnamon cloves scented candles...back to Thanksgiving.~Liz

  2. Oooh, cinnamon cloves... I have something similar burning right now! I love fall... my favorite season! My youngest is 12, so she's old enough to separate the two, but I can see for those with little ones that it may be hard to keep them focused on giving thanks when a Christmas decoration may spark the idea of the "Hmmm, what do I want Santa to bring me?!" part of Christmas. We take full advantage of Thanksgiving at our house. I will say, this is the first year I've ever put anything up before the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but this challenge was too fun for me to pass up ;) Now you have me wondering what a balsam scented candle smells like. LOL


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