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Guess Who's Blogging at "What's on Your Plate?"

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"What's on Your Plate?" a brand new food/recipe blog, is launching November 1st, and I am happy to be a part of their team! Here is my bio that was posted today on their facebook page:

Food is a big part of all the wonderful memories I have, and will be a big part of memories yet to be made. It makes me nostalgic. Ask me about my dad, and I will tell you stories about chocolate malts and fattigman. Ask me what Mackinac Island is like, and I will tell you they have the best fudge in the world. 

Ask me about living here in Illinois, and I will tell you where to find the most delicious apple cider donut you'll ever have. We're foodies. My whole family. My specialty? Desserts.

Hi, I’m Shandy Showers! I live in small town USA, and am blessed beyond measure to be a wife, momma, and homemaker… doing what I do best, for the people I love most. I’m also happy to be a contributor here at GCH, writing for both the homemaking blog, “Saturdays with Shandy,” and here at “What’s on Your Plate?” I also have my own blog, Aprons ‘n Pearls.

Each Saturday, I will be sharing my repertoire of favorite desserts with you… Norwegian sandbakkelse, homey bread pudding, seasonal sweets, trifles, some light fruity desserts for good measure, tiramisu, and everything in between! (My husband and daughter would like to thank you in advance for the deliciousness that is about to take place in our kitchen!)

Be sure to join me at "What's on Your Plate?" every Saturday for a new yummy dessert recipe! They'll also be sharing recipes for "southern comfort," family style, ethnic, gluten-free, and healthy meals! Get ready for a party in your tummy!

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